Problem 1 :

The length of a ruler is 12 inches. There are approximately 25.4 millimeters in 1 inch.

Which measurement is closest to the length of the ruler in millimeters?

A. 3,048 mm      B. 30.48 mm    C. 304.8 mm   D. 3.048 mm


Problem 2 :

The table shows the numbers of bags of different flavors of potato chips on a store shelf. A customer will randomly select one bag of potato chips from the shelf.


Which statement about the flavor of the potato chips chosen is best supported by the information in the table?

A. The flavor is least likely to be plain.

B. The flavor is twice as likely to be jalapeno as ranch.

C. The flavor is equally likely to be plain, jalapeno, ranch, or cheese.

D. The flavor is more than twice as likely to be cheese as it is to be ranch.


Problem 3 :

Nicole had a collection of 60 stuffed animals. She gave away 5 stuffed animals per month until all her stuffed animals were gone.

Which graph best represents this situation?



Problem 4 :

This figure is composed of a parallelogram and a trapezoid.


What is the area of the figure in square centimeters?

A. 1,056 cm2    B. 1,360 cm2    C. 944 cm2    D. 528 cm2


Problem 5 :

Triangle QRS and its dimensions are shown.


Which measurements in centimeters represent the dimensions of a triangle that is similar to triangle QRS?

A. 8 cm, 14 cm, 17 cm    B. 10 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm

C. 4 cm, 10 cm, 13 cm     D. 12 cm, 24 cm, 36 cm


Problem 6 :

Which equation is true when x = 4?

A. 3x + 4 = 8    B. 5x - 2 = 18    C. 2x + 8 = 40   D. 4x + 4 = 12


Problem 7 :

The dimensions of a rectangular pyramid are shown in the diagram.


What is the volume of the rectangular pyramid in cubic millimeters?

A. 15 mm3   B. 120 mm3   C. 60 mm3    D. 40 mm3


Problem 8 :

Imani compared the number of fluid ounces per bottle of sunscreen to the cost of four different brands of sunscreen. The information she gathered is shown in the table.


Based on the data in the table, which brand of sunscreen has the greatest cost per fluid ounce?

A. Brand W    B. Brand X    C. Brand Y    D. Brand Z


Problem 9 :

Chad will have new carpet put on the rectangular floors of two rooms in his house. One floor is 12 1/2 feet long, and the other floor is 15 3/4 feet long. Each floor has a width of 10 feet.

What is the total area in square feet of the new carpet?

A. 125 ft2      B. 157.5 ft2    C. 282.5 ft2    D. 96.5 ft2


Problem 10 :

A scientist measured the weights of squirrels in two populations. The dot plots display data from each population.


Which statement is best supported by the information in the dot plots?

A. The two populations have different mode weights.

B. The two populations have different median weights.

C. The data for the two populations have different skews.

D. The data for the two populations have different ranges.


Problem 11 :

A survey was conducted to determine the types of occupations of the 1,200 residents of a town. The types of occupations are shown in the circle graph.


Based on the circle graph, how many more residents have an occupation in industry than have an occupation in government?

A. 20   B. 360   C. 240    D. 300


Problem 12 :

One year on Venus is equivalent to 224.7 days on Earth. How many days on Earth, in decimal form, are equivalent to 9 1/2 years on Venus?


Problem 13 :


Which measurement is closest to the circumference of the circle in centimeters, when radius of the circle is 3 cm.

A. 154 cm     B. 11 cm      C. 22 cm     D. 38 cm


Problem 14 :

A bookstore offered mystery bags each containing 12 books. The quantity of each type of book was the same in each mystery bag. A shopper bought 3 mystery bags and found that 6 books were spy novels.

Based on this information, which prediction can the shopper make about buying mystery bags in the future?

A. There will be 4 more spy novels in 8 bags than in 6 bags.

B. There will be 2 more spy novels in 6 bags than in 4 bags.

C. There will be 1 more spy novels in 9 bags than in 8 bags.

D. There will be 6 more spy novels in 10 bags than in 8 bags.


Problem 15 :

A dog eats 1.25 cups of dog food twice a day. Which graph best represents this relationship?



Problem 16 :

The table shows the numbers of different colors of pencils in a pencil case. A student will randomly select one pencil from the pencil case.


Based on the information in the table, which statement is true?

A. The pencil is least likely to be blue.

B. The pencil is 4 times as likely to be purple as it is to be red.

C. The pencil is equally likely to be blue or green.

D. The pencil is more likely to be purple than all other colors combined.


Problem 17 :

Which number line represents the solution to the inequality 3x - 8 ≥ 7 ?



Problem 18 :

Angle F and angle H are supplementary angles.

  • The measure of angle F is 77°
  • The measure of angle H is (5x + 18)°.

Which equation can be used to find the value of x?

A. 77 = 5x + 18                B. 77 + (5x + 18) = 180

C. 77 + (5x + 18) = 90     D. 77 + (5x + 18) = 360


Problem 19 :

A spinner with 6 equal sections is shown.


What is the probability of spinning a number greater than 4?

A. 16B. 23C. 12D. 13


Problem 20 :

Which equation represents the linear relationship between the x-values and the y-values in the table?


A. y = 2x + 12    B. y = 5x - 6   C. 6x - 5    D. -x - 11


Answer Key

1) 304.8 mm

2) option D

3)  option A

4)  528 cm2

5) option B

6)  option B

7) 40 mm3

8) 0.75

9)  282.5 ft²

10) option D

11) 240

12) 2134.65

13)  18.84 cm

14)  Option A

15) option C

16)  option B

17) option D

18) 77 + (5x + 18) = 180

19)  1/3

20)  y = 6x - 5

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