Problem 31 :

The graph below shows the amount of profit, y, a company makes from selling x units of merchandise. 


How many units of merchandise does the company need to sell to make the maximum profit?

A. 100          B. 300        C. 500


Problem 32 :

The quadrilateral shown below has vertices at (-8, 0), (-4, -4), (0, 8) and (4, 4).


What is the area of the quadrilateral?

A. 32 units2           B. 45 units2         C. 64 units2


Problem 33 :

Which equation has a graph which is perpendicular to the line y = -2x and which passes through the point (-2, 3)?

A. x - 2y = 8        B. x + 2y = -8          C. x - 2y = -8


Problem 34 :

The cost to mail a box of textbooks can be modeled by the function f(x) = 1.75x + 5.25, where x is the number of books mailed. What does the y-intercept of the function represent?

A. the cost to mail a box with no textbooks

B. the number of books mailed

C. the cost per book


Problem 35 :

Which situation could be best modeled with an exponential function?

A. the value of a car that loses 6% of its value per year.

B. the cost to purchase different weights of bananas at a store.

C. the total number of miles run by a person who runs 8 miles per day.


Problem 36 :

The function f(x) = 4(2.0)x models the population of rabbits on a farm after x months with no removal. The function g(x) = 2(2.0)x models the number of rabbits removed from the population after x months. Which function, h(x), ,models the total number of rabbits on the farm after x months?

A. h(x) = 2(1.0)x      B. h(x) = 2(2.0)x       C. h(x) = 6(2.0)x


Problem 37 :

Fred has $200. Each week he will save an additional $50. If Fred does not spend any of the money, how many weeks will it take for Fred to have $650?

A. 9        B. 13            C. 17


Problem 38 :

Which expression is equivalent to 4x8?A. x12B. x2C. x4


Problem 39 :

The table below shows the cost of a season ticket to an amusement park for various years.


What is represented by the y-intercept of the line of best fit for this data set?

A. the predicted average change in ticket price per year.

B. the predicted number of years per $1 increase in ticket price.

C. the predicted price of a ticket in 1990.


Problem 40 :

Kerry wants to simplify the following:


Which of the following is the correct result?

A. 4x         B. 4x + 1         C. 20x2           D. 20x2 + 1


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