Problem 31 :

Henry and John started walking from the same point. Henry went 1 km north, 2 km west, 4 km south and 1 km west. John went 1 km east, 4 km south and 4 km west. Which of the following must be the final part of his walk in order to reach the same point as Henry?

a) He has already reached      b) 1 km north

c) More than 1 km north west    d) 1 km west


Problem 32 :

The natural number has three digits. When we multiply the digits we get 135. What result do we get, if we add the digits?

a) 14     b) 15   c) 16     d)  17


Problem 33 :

In a restaurant, there are 16 tables each having 3, 4 or 6 chairs. Together the table having 3 or 4 chairs can accommodate 36 people. Knowing that the restaurant can accommodate 72 people. How many tables are there with 3 chairs?

a) 4    b) 5      c) 6     d)  7


Problem 34 :

Three people are going round in a circular field of 360 km circumference. They can travel 48 km, 60km and 72km in a day respectively. When will they meet?

a) 25 days    b) 720 days    c) 360 days    d)  30 days


Problem 35 :

A cake weighs 900g. Paul cut it into 4 pieces. The biggest piece is as heavy as other weights altogether. What is the weight of biggest piece?

a) 150g        b) 450g          c) 350g          d)  100g


Problem 36 :

Jenny had a pizza that was divided into 8 equal slices. She ate 3 of them. Danny has a pizza that is the same size but was divided into 4 equal slices. He ate 3 slices of his pizza. Who ate more pizza?

a) Jenny    b) Danny     c) Both      d) No one


Problem 37 :

How many pairs of adjacent angles does a quadrilateral have?

a) Two    b) Three    c) Four    d)  six


Problem 38 :

A square of perimeter 48 cm is cut into 2 pieces to make rectangle. What is the perimeter of the rectangle

a) 48 cm    b) 60 cm    c) 56 cm    d) 96 cm


Problem 39 :

Trees grow on only side of Park Avenue. There are 60 trees in total. Every second tree is a maple, and every third tree is either a Linden or a maple. The remaining trees are birches. How many birches are there?

a) 30    b) 20    c) 10    d)  50


Problem 40 :

Grandmother celebrating her birthday today. Sum of her age, daughter’s age and granddaughter’s age is 100. Each of their ages is power of 2. How old is her granddaughter now?

a) 32    b) 16    c) 4    d)  64


Problem 41 :

The measure of an angle is ¾ of 60. What is the measure of its complementary angle?

a) 45    b) 60    c) 120    d)  90


Problem 42 :

The product of two numbers is 1296. If one number is 16 times the other then find the smaller number.

a) 9    b) 81    c) 36    d)  100


Problem 43 :

A bus can seat 82 people. 8770 people travel to a football match by bus. How many buses are needed?

a)    107   b) 110    c) 106    d) 105


Problem 44 :

What is the largest number of 15cm by 30cm by 20cm shoe boxes that can fit in a 1m by 3m by 2m crate?


a)    660     b) 666    c) 667   d) 670


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