Problem 41 :

Which expression represents the perimeter of the triangle?


A)  9k + 36    B) 10k + 25    C) 20k + 25    D) 24k + 36


Problem 42 :

The length of a rectangle is 6 units longer than the width, w. Which choice is a correct expression for the perimeter of the rectangle?

A)  2w + 6    B) 2w + 12     C) 4w + 6     D) 4w + 12


Problem 43 :

Jane wants to visit her sister. • Her car travels x miles per gallon of gas.

  • She will travel 1,000 miles to her sister’s house.
  • Gas costs $3.50 per gallon.

Which expression shows how much Jane will spend for gas on the trip to her sister’s house?


Problem 44 :

Suppose that a stove and a freezer together weigh at least 370 pounds. The weight of the stove is 170 pounds. Which inequality correctly describes these conditions for the weight of the freezer, f ?

A)  f ≥ 200    B) f > 200      C) f ≤ 200     D) f < 200


Problem 45 :

The Wilsons want to put outdoor carpet on their porch


How much carpet will be needed for their porch?

A) 42 ft2     B) 72 ft2    C) 108 ft2     D) 144 ft2


Problem 46 :

What is the volume of the right rectangular prism below?



Problem 47 :

In the graph below, each grid square represents one square yard.


What is the area of the shaded figure?

A) 20 yd2     B) 30 yd2      C) 36 yd2       D) 40 yd2


Problem 48 :

Abby is making a decoration. When folded, the decoration is a triangular pyramid made of four congruent equilateral triangles. Approximately, what is the surface area of Abby’s decoration?


A) 64 in2    B) 85 in2      C) 97 in2      D) 170 in2


Problem 49 :

Katherine earned 84, 92, 84, 75, and 70 on her first 5 tests. What is the minimum grade Katherine needs to earn on the next test to have a mean of 84?

A)  81    B)  84      C) 95     D)  99


Problem 50 :

The weather station recorded the high temperature each day for 30 days. The graph of the temperature data is shown below.


In which interval is the median temperature?

A) 41–50    B) 51–60    C) 61–70     D) 71–80


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