Problem 11:

The function f(x) = 10,000 - 1,500x can be used to predict the number of termites in an area x days after the area has been treated. How many termites are predicted in the area after 5 days?


Problem 12 :

Avis used a quadratic function to solve a problem. The factored form of the function is show below.

(4x + 3)(6x - 3) = 0

What is the positive solution to the problem?


Problem 13 :

The cost to rent a construction crane is $750 per day plus $250 per hour of use. What is the maximum number of hours the crane can be used each day if the rental cost is not to exceed $2500 per day?


Problem 14 :

The average daily high temperature for the month of May in Ocala. Florida is approximated by the function

f(n) = 0.2n+ 80

where n is the day of the month. May has 31 days. The maximum daily high temperature occurred on May 31st. What was the maximum temperature?


Problem 15 :

Jorge graphed the line shown below.



Problem 16 :

Shirley graphed the line shown on the coordinate plane below.



Problem 17 :

The table below shows the amount of money Bernard earned selling newspapers during a 6-week time period.


Which describes the relationship between the week, x, and the money Bernard earned, y?

A. a week, positive relationship

B. a strong, negative relationship

C. a strong, positive relationship


Problem 18 :

A system of equations is shown below.

y = -2x + 4

y = (2)x + 1

What is the approximate value of x in the solution of the system?

A. 0.69      B. 0.75         C. 3.24


Problem 19 :

The volume of a cone can be found using the formula V = 1/3Bh, where B is the area of the base of the cone and h is the height. A cone has a volume of 262 cubic inches and a height of 10 inches. What is the approximate length of the radius of the cone?

A. 2.5 inches         B. 5 inches         C. 25 inches


Problem 20 :

M is the midpoint of KL. M is at (5, -2) and L is at (3, 6). What are the coordinates of K?

A. (2, -8)           B. (4, 2)            C. (7, -10)


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